BJJ Specific Workout Using Isometrics, Steel Mace and CO2 Tolerance Training

Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking about three things that you should be using as part of your BJJ specific workouts – Isometrics, the Steel Mace and CO2 Tolerance Training. These things will help improve the weak link in most people’s grappling game while also creating the least amount of wear and tear on the body.

I know that these things are also new to a lot of people and so this week I’m going to share a workout with you. In it you’ll see how I would put these elements together into a workout, giving you an example to follow and hopefully a “template” to get some ideas of your own.

You’ll find the workout and the video going over it below:


  • Push Up Hold: 30-90 sec.
  • Belt Row: 30 sec. @ 50%/ 20 sec. @ 80%/ 10 sec. @ 100%
  • Lunge Hold: 30-90 sec.
  • Belt Deadlift: 30 sec. @ 50%/ 20 sec. @ 80%/ 10 sec. @ 100%
  • Belt Bridge: 30 sec. @ 50%/ 20 sec. @ 80%/ 10 sec. @ 100%

Mace Work

  • Barbarian Squat: 2 X 5-10 reps (switch hands on top on the 2nd set)
  • Spear Stab: 2 X 5-10 on both sides
  • 3 Way Press: 2 X 3-5 on both sides

Breathwork/ CO2 Tolerance Workout

  • Warm Up: 3-5 Moderate Breath Holds (10-20 paces)
  • Workout: 5 Strong Breath Holds + “Flicker Breaths” 

Let me know if you have any questions or want to run an idea about your own workouts by me, I’m always happy to help. Until next time…

Train Strong,

James Wilson

BJJ Strength Training Systems

p.s. I’ll be back next week with another podcast, this time covering Breathwork for BJJ. I tried to post it this week but ran into some technical difficulties and had to abort mission. I’ll get it posted next week, I know you’ll get some good stuff from that you can apply to your training and daily routine.

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