Closed Guard Attack Flow Drill with Tom McMahon

It didn’t take me long to realize that having a strong Closed Guard is one of the first things you want to develop in BJJ. Like one of my BJJ mentors told me “if you have your legs around them they can’t pass your guard”.

For a guy who didn’t have any wrestling experience coming into it, Closed Guard become the great equalizer for me. If I could get my legs around you I could at least slow things down enough to think.

Eventually my Closed Guard game started to move from a purely defensive position to a place I could start to set up attacks and sweeps. And while I was doing good with the basic stuff like Triangles and the Flower Sweep I also found that I needed a few more tricks in my bag to deal with the better guys who knew how to deal with those basic attacks.

Yesterday my buddy Lance Trippet at posted a new video he shot with Tom McMahon from showing a drill to help you expand your Closed Guard attacks. Tom is a BJJ World Champion and agreed to share his favorite drill for attacking from Closed Guard with Lance and all of us.


tom mcM

Click here to see Tom and Lance demonstrate this Closed Guard Attack Flow Drill

As you’ll see, it is a pretty slick set up that gets you into a very strong position for the finish. Be sure to check it out and drill it next time you are working on your Closed Guard attacks. Like Lance says, drilling is the key to so just do it!

I hope you enjoy this video and get a chance to use it on the mats this week. I’ll be in touch with more BJJ drills and exercises to help you roll with more power, endurance and confidence.

Until then…

Roll Strong,

James Wilson

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p.s. Do you have a question or topic about improving your BJJ specific movement and fitness that you’d like to see me address? If so I’d love to hear from you. Knowing what guys want to hear about will help me create the best content for so let me know what I can do to help.

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