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Last weekend I got the chance to go to a Josh Hinger seminar. I don’t know why but I really like him and his jiu jitsu. Maybe it’s because he could be competing in the Masters class but still enters and wins the Open class, showing all the younger dudes that old men can still bring it.

Maybe it’s because his special arm-in guillotene, a.k.a. The Hingertene, is a devastating weapon that I’ve personally been having a lot of success with. The great thing about it that it opens up a lot of other submissions as people defend it, which makes it a great go-to move to set up a lot of other things if it doesn’t work.

Either way, I found out that he was going to be in Salt Lake City so I drove the 4 hours to learn some more ways to use the Hingertene. And after 3 hours of Monoplatas and Hingertene details and follow ups it was well worth the effort to make.

Another thing that I really like about Josh is his commitment to training both on and off the mats. He knows that the only way to perform at his best is to balance BJJ with strength training and the results speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for a workout to help you on the mats then I’ve put together a new workout of the month for you. You’ll see I incorporate some unique training tools and methods like Ramping Isometrics and the Steel Mace into these workouts. I do provide some alternatives if you don’t have some of the training tools I do but it’s a good way to see how to use these things in a workout.

You can download the workout by clicking the link below. No emails or anything needed, just click the link and download the PDF to your computer. Each exercise has a link to a video demo so you have everything you need to get going.

Click Here to Download This Month’s Workout

Remember to start your workout with some sort of mobility routine. It’s important to be moving well before you start training, otherwise you’re just laying fitness on top of dysfunction. You can check out this blog post for a follow-along demo of a good routine to use if you need one.

Hope you enjoy thing month’s workout and that it helps you get even more out of your training. Plus, being fit helps you have more fun on the mats and that’s what the ultimate goal should always be.

Until next time…

Roll Strong,

James Wilson
BJJ Strength Training Systems

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