How to Improve Mobility for BJJ

how to improve mobility

While some people may debate the merits of strength for BJJ, almost no one debates the need for good mobility. From helping you get into positions easier to keeping you more injury resistant, having good mobility can help you in a lot of different ways on the mat.

However, there is a lot more to improving your mobility than just stretching. In fact, if all you do is stretch then you are missing out on one of the best ways to improve your mobility – the foam roller.

The foam roller is a great tool for us because it addresses the underlying knots and adhesions in the muscles that often keep them tight in the first place. If you’ve ever had a massage then you know how relaxed you feel and how that relaxed feeling translates into improved mobility. T

he reason for this is that the massage lowered the tension levels in the muscles by working on those knots and adhesions.

The problem is that the results don’t last and within a few days your feeling “stiff” again.

Unless you can afford to get a massage on a daily basis this is where the foam roller comes in.

While not as good as the hands of a skilled masseuse it does a great job of letting you work out the major knots and adhesions that need to be addressed. And since BJJ places so much tension and stress on the muscles having an easy way to address the negative side effects of that tension is invaluable.

In this video I show you some basic ways to use the foam roller as well as show you some specific ways to work on your shoulders and upper back, two areas that take a real beating on the mats and can use a lot of foam rolling.

I suggest hitting each area for 10 strokes before and after training and have a foam roller at home to use when you’re watching TV or the latest BJJ videos. Make the foam roller a part of your usual routine and you’re sure to find it one of the most valuable tools you have to help you roll with more flow and less pain.

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James Wilson BJJ Strength Training

James Wilson, BJJ Strength Training

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