Improve your BJJ cardio with the Butt Blaster 4000

Improve your BJJ cardio with the Butt Blaster 4000

Cardio training for BJJ is a bit tricky for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t want to overdo it and end up overtraining or burning yourself out.

In fact, I wrote an article looking at the real role of cardio training for BJJ that you can check out by clicking here.

The second thing that makes it tricky is that the type of cardio you need for BJJ and grappling is different than what you need for running or biking. You body is under much more tension when you are grappling and your cardio system has to work harder to overcome that tension, making it necessary to use methods that also have you under tension.

This is why exercises like the Kettlebell Swing or training methods like Combo Drills are so effective for BJJ – they have you working hard under tension, which is much more specific to the real cardio demands of BJJ.

The Butt Blaster 4000 is another combo drill that I recently learned about at a Dan John seminar that I attended. Dan likes to give things funny names and usually the funnier the name the more effective that thing is.

So with a ridiculous name like the Butt Blaster 4000 you know it that this has to be one mean combo drill. And trust me, it doesn’t disappoint.

Combining the Bulgarian Goat Bag Swing (another Dan John exercise) with the Goblet Squat it promises to test your ability to stay focused and move efficiently under tension and fatigue…something that is essential to improving your cardio on the mats.

Check out this video to see me demonstrate the Butt Blaster 4000 and explain more about how it will help you BJJ specific cardio.

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Give the Butt Blaster 4000 a shot at the end of your next workout as a good finisher or you can even use it as a quick workout on its own if you are pressed for time. Either way you use it I’m sure you’ll know right away that it is going to help you roll with more strength and endurance on the mats.

That’s it for now, until next time…

Roll Strong,

James Wilson


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