Improve Your BJJ Core Strength, Grip Strength and Endurance With Loaded Carries

Improve your BJJ core strength, grip strength and endurance with loaded carries.

Whenever I mention using Loaded Carries to someone when they ask about the best BJJ core training exercise I usually get one of two responses. The first is a blank stare – loaded what?

The second response is a glimmer of recognition, followed by “you mean like carrying heavy things like you see the dudes on the World’s Strongest Man Competitions doing”?

Yes, they are essentially carrying something heavy. And yes, you do see a lot of Loaded Carries in the World’s Strongest Man Competition, most notably the Farmers Walk.

Loaded Carries are great for building grip strength, improving posture and building “mobile” core strength.

While most core training exercises have you move in one place, Loaded Carries have you moving around which places different demands on the core.

While there are a lot of different ways to use this concept in your training, in this video I show you some basic ways you can start incorporating them into your routine. Check it out to get some ideas for your next workout.

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