Improve your Hip Tosses with the Stick Windmill

Not coming from a wrestling or judo background I really struggled with learning the the stand up part of BJJ at first. I’m still not great at it but I’m at least getting to where I don’t feel like a fish out of water, which is at least moving in the right direction.

One of the techniques I really struggled with was the hip toss. There are a lot of different ways to set one up but no matter which variation we were drilling I struggled to get my hips in the right position. I always felt like something wasn’t balanced right or that my hips were twisted funny.

One day I realized that you have to shift your hips over in a very specific way to get into the right position but that specific position required a lot of lateral hip mobility. I recognized the basic movement pattern from the Kettlebell Windmill and once I started using it my hip tosses got much better.

However, this is a position that most people simply don’t have the hip mobility to get into in the first place. Too much sitting and not enough lateral hip movement over the years literally locks their hips in place. This  means that they will struggle with mechanics of the hip toss until they regain that mobility.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 10.31.34 PMThe Stick Windmill is probably the best exercise to help you do this. If you struggle with getting your hips over and across with hip tosses or just with lateral hip movement in general then be sure to check out this video where I show you how this stretch works.

Do 3-5 reps on each side holding for a few breaths each time and you’ll find your hips will feel much looser both during hip tosses and while rolling around on the mats. This is just another example of how smart strength and mobility training can help your BJJ skills and technique.

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James Wilson
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