Rep Ladders – How to Get Stronger in the Gym Without Leaving Yourself Sore and Tired in the Process

Rep Ladders – How to get stronger in the gym without leaving yourself sore and tired in the process

If you want to improve your ability to impose your will on your opponent then getting stronger should be a priority. If you want to remain injury free while you train hard then getting stronger should be a priority. And if you want to keep your performance levels high as you get older then getting stronger should be a big priority.

In other words, getting stronger is important for everyone who hits the mats.

However, when most BJJ athletes think about strength training they imagine workouts that test their limits on every set and leave them sore and tired in the process. Instinctively knowing that this makes it harder to train and drill their BJJ skills they opt for more cardio intensive routines or do nothing at all.

The reason for this is that as a BJJ athlete you aren’t  Powerlifter, an Olympic weightlifter or a CrossFit competitor and you need to get strong in a way that supports your BJJ training. The gym isn’t your sport, it is there to support your sport and this requires a very different approach.

This means you want to use methods that get you stronger in a way that delivers noticable improvements when you roll and doesn’t leave you sore and beat up in the process.

In my experience using Rep Ladders is one of  the best ways to do this. This training method allows you to get in a good number of reps with a decent amount of weight without placing a lot of wear and tear on the body.

In other words, they get you really strong while allowing you to continue to train and roll hard where it matter the most – on the mats!

In this video I go over Rep Ladders and show you how to use them with a DB Clean & Press in your next workout.

The take home message is that you can get strong without having to take away from your abiltiy to train and roll BJJ. I mean, if a workout leaves you too sore and tired to train BJJ is it really making you better at BJJ?

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James Wilson

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