The Bretzel Stretch – One of the best total body streches for the BJJ player.

Hip and shoulder mobility are super important on the mats, both to help us move better and to avoid injuries. Unfortunately a lot of us work jobs that have us hunched over and then we happen to love a sport that has us hunched over a lot as well.

This leads to a lot of tightness in the same areas we rely on for “flow” when we roll. If you’re tight in the hips and shoulders you’ll have trouble moving efficiently and smoothly, which makes it vital we do something to keep us mobile.

Enter the Bretzel Stretch…

It has a funny name but it is one of the best total body stretches/ mobility drills you can do to improve your hip and shoulder mobility. I do it almost daily and use it to help “open me up” after hours of hard training and rolling on the mats.

Here is a quick video I shot going over this awesome stretch. Be sure to let me know what you think or if you have any questions about it by posting a comment below.

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Until next time…

Roll Strong,

James Wilson

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