Why Isometrics Are A Must For BJJ Strength Training – BJJ Strength Training Podcast #2

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In this podcast I go into depth about Isometrics and why they are a must for grapplers. Based on my experience there are 3 reasons why you need them as part of your BJJ strength training program…

  1. They are more “sport specific” for the physical demands of the mat. Grappling requires more isometric strength than any other sport and so it is important in ways that other sports can’t understand.
  2. Gives you the biggest return on your time investment with improvements to your strength, cardio and breathing.
  3. They don’t leave you as sore and tired as movement based training, which lets you train harder on the mats and be better able to defend yourself in the real world.

If you want to learn more about Isometrics for your BJJ training program then Steve Maxwell has some great isometric stuff at www.maxwellsc.com.

You can also find The Ramping Isometrics for BJJ Program, which is an Isometric Training Program I created specifically for BJJ, by clicking here.

And if you have any questions about this podcast or suggestions for future episodes please let me know. Until next time…

Train Strong,

James Wilson
BJJ Strength Training Systems

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