BJJ Strength Training Systems Relaunches Brand

BJJ Strength Training Systems, owned by strength coach James Wilson, has relaunched the brand with a new logo, website, and several new workout programs. The company started promoting strength and conditioning training to BJJ practitioners back in 2013, and has recently partnered with MegaMad Industries to recreate and reorganize their image and content.

James Wilson BJJ Strength Training Systems

“I started BJJ Strength Training Systems to help spread the word about how a good strength and conditioning program can help not only your fitness but your technique and skills on the mat as well,” said James Wilson, owner of BJJ Strength Training Systems. “I base my training programs on improving the quality of my movement as well as how much I can do.”

James Wilson isn’t just an avid BJJ practitioner and strength coach, he’s also the founder and owner of MTB Strength Training System, a well established brand that is currently followed by tens of thousands of mountain bikers. James is a competitive mountain biker that has trained world cup racers and has written for dozens of bike magazines and websites since the year 2000. After the success of his first brand, he has decided to turn his attention to his new passion: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

“I saw the same problems with my fellow BJJ classmates that I saw with some of the mountain bike riders, namely a lack of movement skill and body awareness,” said James Wilson. “I started this blog to help me get my cutting edge, revolutionary training concepts out to my fellow BJJ enthusiasts. Here you’ll find training routines, rehab strategies, cardio programs and other information not available anywhere else.”

While James Wilson started writing for BJJ Strength Training Systems in 2013, he only recently partnered with MegaMad Industries, an online brand development firm specializing in fitness businesses, to reinvent his branding. MegaMad Industries is owned by Mark de Grasse, former owner and editor of My Mad Methods Magazine, former Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit Labs, and current owner/editor of Mad Fit Magazine.

“James Wilson is exactly the type of professional we love to partner with. The BJJ Strength Training System brand has what every fitness company truly needs: a passionate owner that creates real and useful information for his or her followers,” said Mark de Grasse, owner of MegaMad Industries. “James has created hundreds of free articles, videos, and workout programs because he believes that the unconventional training methods he uses himself are essential for BJJ practitioners, and we do to.”

BJJ Strength Training Systems just released a new 30-Day Kettlebell Workout Plan eBook. The program is completely free and gives a daily workout schedule that can enhance anyone’s strength, endurance, and flow on the mats within 30 days. The program can be downloaded at


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