How to Quickly Improve Your BJJ Cardio in Just 10 Minutes With Combo Drills

How to quickly improve your BJJ cardio in just 10 minutes with Combo Drills

One of the biggest concerns I get from BJJ athletes about adding strength training into their regimen is that they do not have time for it. Family, work, personal lives and (most importantly) rolling all add up leaving some of us with less than three hours per week for any other type of training.

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Improve Your Power and Endurance With Kettlebell Swings for BJJ

Improve your power and endurance with Kettlebell Swings for BJJ

The Kettlebell Swing is a very popular exercise in BJJ training circles but it is also an exercise that is often done wrong. If you want your Swings to translate over to the mat then you need to make sure that you are practicing how you want to move on the mats, not just “swing the kettlebell.”

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Rep Ladders – How to Get Stronger in the Gym Without Leaving Yourself Sore and Tired in the Process

Rep Ladders – How to get stronger in the gym without leaving yourself sore and tired in the process

If you want to improve your ability to impose your will on your opponent then getting stronger should be a priority. If you want to remain injury free while you train hard then getting stronger should be a priority. And if you want to keep your performance levels high as you get older then getting stronger should be a big priority.

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