Breathwork for BJJ – Podcast Episode #7

In this episode of the podcast, I try to cover a huge subject – breathing and breathwork for BJJ. There is a lot of info in this episode and I know that I could have gone into more detail on a number of things I talked about. However, it will give you some things to think about when it comes to training your own breathing and using breathwork to improve how you feel and perform both on and off the mats.

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Breathing is something that we take for granted but it can make or break our health and performance. Over the last year, I’ve taken a deep dive into different breathing and breathwork methods – including The Wim Hof Method and The Oxygen Advantage – and I’ve learned a lot about how to leverage this easily accessible tool.

This podcast is a condensed version of a 3-week program I take people through to help them improve their health, performance and mindset through better breathing. In it I’ll share the daily practices and workout strategies that have helped me and my clients and I know will help you too.

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Train Strong,

James Wilson
BJJ Strength Training Systems

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Using Sandbags to Improve Your Hip Strength and for Better Bridging on the Mats

Sandbag Hip Strength for BJJ Bridging

Since your ability to use your hips to bridge is such a big part of escaping from Side Control or Mount it only makes sense to train this movement…a lot. Most schools use some form of bridging as part of their warm ups and I encourage Jiu-Jiteiros to include different types of bridging in their workouts.

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