Joel Jamieson on Training and Recovery for BJJ – BJJ Strength Training Podcast #6

On this week’s podcast I interviewed Joel Jamieson, who is one of the most respected and sought out Strength & Conditioning coaches in the world. I ask him about training for the unique demands of BJJ, the best way to use HRV to guide your training and the one conditioning method he thinks a lot of grapplers are missing out on.

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If you haven’t heard of him yet, Joel has worked with a lot of professional fighters as the main strength and conditioning coach for Matt Hume’s MMA team. His book Ultimate MMA Conditioning is considered one of the best books on cardio and conditioning training ever written and has influenced programs in countless other sports.

He is also an expert on HRV training and how to use it with athletes. He has been working with HRV since the early 2000’s and he has done more to help bring practical solutions and advice to the everyday athlete than anyone else, including his current HRV monitoring system Morpheus.

Because of this he is one of the most sought after coaches in the world, working with top performers in the sports, business and military worlds. But as busy as he is, he was nice enough to take the time to come on the podcast and share his insights into training and recovery. 

You can learn more about Joel and the different solutions he offers to help your training and recovery at

I’ve learned a lot from Joel over the years and it was great to get his thoughts on training for the unique demands of BJJ, especially as you get older. I hope you get something that you can apply to your own program to help you perform and feel better both on and off the mats.

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