The Frog Stretch for BJJ – The Best Stretch to Open Up Your Groin and Inner Thigh

The Frog Stretch for BJJ – The best stretch to open up your groin and inner thigh.

A few weeks ago I posted a video showing you how to quickly improve the range of motion on your toe touch. It was a drill I had used to help a lot of high level BJJ guys touch their toes for the first time in years and I heard from a lot of blog readers who also found it extremely helpful.

Along with the positive feedback I also got a request for another stretch/ mobility drill that would work more on the groin and inner thigh. We use those muscles a lot on the mat to squeeze our legs together, which we do a lot of when you think about it.

From simply controlling someone in your Closed Guard to securing an Arm Bar to finishing off a Triangle Choke, we use our legs to clamp down and control our opponents all the time.

This means these muscles get tight and can start to affect our mobility and strength.

This makes having a good stretch to counteract that a must to stay strong and healthy.

In this video I demonstrate my all-time favorite stretch for this area, the Frog Stretch (or Lion Pose in some circles). And while this stretch isn’t new, I have some extra things that will make it a whole new experience for you if you’ve seen it before.

If you are really tight in areas this stretch hits then you should do the Frog Stretch every day. It is almost impossible to do too much mobility work and spending 5-10 minutes a day on some targeted mobility work will add up quickly, helping you improve your mobility and performance on the mats in just a few weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this training tip and that you are able to get something from it to help improve your BJJ game. If you have any questions or requests for other stretches just post a comment below and I and get to it ASAP.

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Roll Strong,

James Wilson

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